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Valedictory Speech

PIDATO PERPISAHAN (Farewell party speech)
Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters…
In this good opportunity, I am so honored to stand here to represent all the students of SMK YPT Tegal Grade X,XI and XII to convey a valedictory speech.
On behalf of all students and my friends grade X,XI, and XII .
Firstly, we would like to express my deep gratitude to all the teachers of SMK YPT Kota Tegal  who have taught, educated, and guided us so that we can pass the national examination (UN) successfully. Thank you very much for your dedication. We know that your advice, guidance, and motivations have made us better not only in thinking but also in attitudes. My teachers… we realize that we cannot give you reward. We can only give you gratitude and pray. May God repay your kindness. May God always bless you all…

Secondly, we would like to apologize to all of the teachers, administration staffs and all the elements of SMK YPT Kota Tegal. Please, forgive our mistakes… forgive all the bad things that we have done… and hopefully we can make our attitudes better than before.

Thirdly, especially to our younger brothers and sisters in grade X and XI, we would like to remind you, please keep studying hard, obey your teachers’ advices, try to be better than us. And, please pray for us to be able to get job or continue our study… so that someday we will become successful and useful persons for our religion, country, nation and society, of course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters…
I think that’s all my valedictory speech. I am so sorry for all my wrong words.
The last, on behalf of students grade XII, once again, I would like to express: forgive us… remember us… pray for us, for the students of SMK YPT Kota Tegal grade XII academic year 2012-2013. Thank you very much.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

Words to remember:
farewell ceremony : upacara perpisahan
valedictory speech : pidato perpisahan
attitude : tingkah laku
on behalf of : atas nama (untuk mewakili)
represent : mewakili
realize : menyadari
reward : hadiah penghargaan
gratitude : ucapan terima kasih
apologize : meminta maaf
repay : membalas
kindness : kebaikan


Pidato 1

Good morning ……….
I have a pleasure of your visit and I would like to thank you for your very warm attention on my birthday, I mean the 23rd. I am the most grateful to all of you for your warm hospitality during my stay in Yogyakarta.
I should be happy to reciprocate your kindness at any time. Frankly speaking , my parents and I are very proud of you all who have made this special evening so impressing and unforgettable.
I remember well when I first came here in 2009 you serve me nice “PONGSET: and I enjoyed it very much. And now I will serve you “FRIED RICE” too in the dinning hall. I hope you enjoy the dinner very well. Thank you.

Pidato 2

Good morning…….
I am very grateful to receive this award for the “best student”. I can’t tell you how much  I appreciate this honor. There are many people I’d like to thank:
First of all , I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. I also want to express my gratitude to all of  my teachers over years, but especially to my English teacher, Mr Sunad, who taught me everything I know.
And finally, I want to express my appreciation to all my friends for their support , especially to Nurhayati for being there when I needed her. This award means great deal to me. Words can’t express how honored I feel at this moment. Thank you very much.     

Sunad, S.Pd.

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